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Presenting the Adweek 100: Fastest Growing Agencies

By Doug Zanger

It’s not easy being an ad agency these days. Changing models, consultancies, procurement, performance-based marketing, in-housing, project work versus agency of record. And yet, Adweek’s inaugural Fastest Growing Agencies list proves that it’s still possible to not only rise to these challenges but to succeed wildly.

On average, the first class of Fastest Growing Agencies saw an average growth of over 300%.

While revenue numbers may be different for each, 85 of the top 100 sat between $10 million and $50 million, and 23 had revenue of over $50 million, with several clocking in at nine figures.

How to measure what matters most: A measurement model for success

by Ashley Cohen Bain & Co. and Google

With today’s complex consumer journey, it’s more important to know your customer than ever before.

But knowing your customer has never been more difficult — partly due to the fact the customer journey has become fragmented, but also because most marketers organize their data around legacy systems, rather than the customer. It’s time to change that, and embrace the fact that measurement is now as much an art as it is a science […]

The Declining Effectiveness Of Mass Advertising Marketing Essay


The declining effectiveness of mass advertising is only the most visible sign of distress. Marketers also face a general proliferation of media and distribution channels, declining trust in advertising, multitasking by consumers, and digital technologies that give users more control over their media time.

These trends are simultaneously fragmenting both audiences and the channels needed to reach them […]