Brand Advantage Monitor (BAM)

A real-time accounting of the dollars invested in all key channels, to determine a brand’s performance in relation to that of its competitors.

Why it was created

Bain consulting has proven that brands that use multiple digital channels to engage consumers outperform brands that don’t by as much as 35%.

But using multiple channels adds to both the cost and complexity of a marketing campaign, requiring clients to ensure their optimize their creative assets in order to maximize efficiency.

What it does

Our accountability analytics measure a brand’s ability to convert interest and appeal into tangible actions.

Rather than multiple disconnected metrics and dashboards that tell only part of their performance story, BAM integrates spending and behaviour metrics to provide clients with a holistic view of effectiveness and efficiency compared to their competitors.

How it works

A patent-pending, multi-channel algorithm pulls information from mass, social, digital and PR channels. By determining how each channel impacts the other, we can measure consumer behaviour to provide the accountability needed to make decisions that give a brand the competitive advantage.

When to use it

Our always on, real-time analytics can be applied throughout a campaign’s lifespan to uncover actionable insights:

  • Pre-launch to help define campaign KPIs and discover exploitable "soft spots";
  • During campaigns to help optimize and redirect investment to achieve objectives;
  • Post-campaign to help diagnose the lasting impact of advertising investment.

Human Values Technology (HVT) and Brand Mapping Predictability

Why it was created

Brands that are aligned with people’s values and beliefs enjoy better consumer attraction than those that aren’t.

What it does

HVT is a statistically significant North American technology that provides a lens on society’s needs, beliefs and values.

The data is then analyzed to specifically understand what attracts people in a certain category or topic in order to maximize the market opportunity.

When to use it

Updated annually, HVT provides brands with a better understanding of how to stay relevant. It can help clients accomplish three key objectives:

  • Explore growth opportunities.
  • Test the effectiveness of a brand proposition prior to its introduction.
  • Identify a brand or category barrier.