About Us

Our obsession is elevating certainty to creativity. We exist in an “Accountability Economy,” where marketers and agencies are increasingly required to justify their advertising investment. We are so confident in the ability of our proprietary data technology to eliminate the uncertainty from advertising, we are willing to license it to other agencies to help improve overall marketing effectiveness.

We are the only agency to build patented technology and proprietary methodologies that use data to adapt media and creative in real time. It not only helps our clients be more responsive, but smarter and more effective. We think that’s important in a digital environment where budgets are shrinking and competitive pressure is rising.

Behavioural data linked to consumer and addressable media data enables us to overcome the fundamental challenges of modern mass advertising: Media proliferation, multitasking, and increased ad avoidance. These combined factors have made mass advertising much less effective than it was 20 years ago.

To solve this challenge, Mass Minority’s business is built around two key components: Creative thinking to develop the brand narratives required to attract customers, and technology-fueled data science to drive the effectiveness and efficiencies that give your brand a competitive advantage.

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Our Team

Yes, Data Scientists can get along with creators.

Ferocious. Curious. Dynamic: We are the only marketing company in the world that has built a team comprised of data scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, technologists, content creators and marketing practitioners. Yes, data scientists and creators can comfortably co-exist.

Our team is open minded and collaborative, enabling us to imagine and engineer a suite of proprietary tools and methodologies for the Accountability Economy. This type of team needs to be built from the ground up, so that is what we did.

A Data-Driven Approach